RLS Financial Group, Inc. was founded with the purpose of providing high quality professional Investment Advisory Services to a wide variety of individual, corporate and institutional clients.  Our reputation is a reflection of the high quality pro-active advice and outstanding personal service that is provided by our extremely knowledgeable personnel.  At RLS, we believe that acting professional is not enough, rather, we must also strive to achieve exceptional results for our clients.  We do this by continually assessing risk vs. reward which is so vital to discovering potentially valuable investment opportunities and avoiding potentially dangerous investment "traps".

Clients and their investment needs come in all types and sizes. Their investing experience and financial needs vary widely, and change over time.  RLS believes strongly in meeting the specific needs and preferences of each client, and, to this end, provides six different types of services:

1) Client Consulting and Advising (without investment management)
2) Investment Analysis and Research Services
3) Portfolio Design Services
4) ACTIVE Investment Management: securities accounts, mutual funds, and/or variable annuities 
5) Passive Investment Management: securities accounts, mutual funds and/or variable annuities
6) Model Portfolio Investing

Clients often ask RLS to provide a combination of services such as advice and consultation as needed on an hourly fee basis and active day-to-day management of their portfolio billed on a percentage of assets basis.  Please click here to see a more detailed description of services that RLS provides.

We believe that it takes this rare combination of great personal service, flexible working relationships, exceptional knowledge and vast experience to make it possible to provide the outstanding results that clearly set us apart from other Investment Advisors.  Accordingly, our personnel must meet the highest standards of educational and professional background, knowledge, intelligence, community service, leadership and judgment necessary to serve as  our investment management professionals.  All personnel are expected to demonstrate exemplary ethical conduct in order to work for RLS and with our highly valued clients.

Our Commitment

At RLS, we know that achieving excellent results begins with the pro-active management of our client accounts and requires bringing new ideas and strategies to our clients when opportunities arise, rather than waiting for an arbitrary date like the end of the quarter or a client meeting scheduled months in advance. We don’t wait for our clients to contact us.

The volatile nature of the financial markets in today’s computerized and networked world means that investment values can and do change rapidly and unpredictably, and RLS and its clients need to be able to respond immediately.

Would you drive a car without brakes or windshield wipers?  Of course not!  Yet that is the default "strategy" that most Investment Advisors/investment salespeople choose to follow with YOUR money!  Similar to how you brake your car, RLS puts safeguards in place to potentially protect your portfolio against catastrophic losses.

Just as you use windshield wipers to clear away the rain, snow and debris in order to see more clearly, RLS practices the art and science of both Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis.  We do this in order to see more clearly through the daily market news and "noise" to objectively determine when it may be time to change investments and/or portfolio strategies.

RLS has used these valuable techniques to successfully and accurately call the start of the Bull Market in 2003, the "Top" of the stock market in 2007, and then warned of and prepared clients for the world-wide financial market crash to follow.  In April of 2009, RLS again went on record declaring the start of the NEW Bull Market.

At RLS, we design specific strategies tailored to each client  not only to foster asset growth but also to help potentially reduce risk and losses.  We do this so that we can help to preserve and protect client assets during the worst financial crises and volatile market conditions, while allowing for potentially robust gains in better times. 

This common sense approach provides "peace of mind" for our clients and the discipline needed to harvest profits while growing your investments over time. 

At RLS, we like brakes and windshield wipers, and are proud to use them. 

Our Principle

Our guiding principle is a simple one "Make only those recommendations to a client that you would personally follow with your knowledge in their situation".

We strive to provide the most current and accurate information available to our clients to help them learn and understand how their investments and the financial markets work and continually change.  We believe that a full understanding of your financial situation is vital to making the most prudent and successful decisions concerning your financial future.

Most of our clients have been with us for 10 years or more, 
and in some cases, we are working with the third generation of family investor.

Come see what makes RLS so unique and valuable to our clients, and how we can improve your financial situation. 

We welcome your inquiries about our company. If you have any questions about your current financial situation or wish to schedule an appointment, please send us an email or call us at (203) 270-9180.


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