RLS Client Service

Here are a few examples of what makes RLS Financial Group, Inc. client service so special:

  1. Direct access to your own personal portfolio manager!

    When was the last time that YOU were able to speak directly to the Senior portfolio manager of a mutual fund or hedge fund that you invested in?
  2. Driving 200+ miles roundtrip at personal expense, on a weekday evening, to meet with a client in order to save them $1,000+ in annual fees on a newer, more cost-effective and better quality investment product.
  1. In November 2008, taking advantage of the market crash while on vacation on a cruise ship in the Caribbean, by making profitable client trades by satellite on a laptop during market hours!
  2. During a power failure after a bad ice storm, setting up a working office at an alternate location and speaking with clients and monitoring the financial markets within two hours!
  3. Writing ORIGINAL Market Commentaries based on what is happening in the financial markets and why, and what it means for YOUR investments.
  4. Providing PRO-ACTIVE client contact and investment recommendations.
  5. Regularly bringing NEW potentially valuable investment ideas, services and products to clients.

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