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Q3 2001 Market Commentary (Excerpt) November 2001 S&P500 Index 1165
“Post 9/11” Recommendation to SELL the Bear Market Rally. Trading vs. “Buy & Hold”

Q3 2002 Market Commentary (Excerpt) October 2002 S&P500 Index 930
End of the Bear Market Rally followed by a retest of the lows.
Prediction of the coming of the NEW Bull Market!

Q1 2007 Market Commentary (Excerpt) April 27, 2007 S&P500 Index 1503
Prediction of the retest of the Bull Market highs and recommendation to SELL stock market Rallies.

Q2 2007 Market Commentary (Excerpt) August 15, 2007 S&P500 Index 1461
Detailed Prediction of the coming BEAR Market and crisis of the Financial system.

Q4 2007 Market Commentary (Excerpt) February 25, 2008 S&P500 Index 1386
VOLATILITY! Why “Buy and Hold” doesn’t work.
Poor investment returns and the ravages of inflation on your money.

Q2 2008 Market Commentary (Excerpt) August 27, 2008 S&P500 Index 1288
How “speed-of-light” computer technology used by large companies affects YOUR investments.
The NEW extreme market movements and the need to ACTIVELY manage your money.

Q3 2008 Market Commentary (Excerpt) November 10, 2008 S&P500 Index 951
How extreme market movements create potentially outstanding investment opportunities.
Prediction of the coming NEW BULL MARKET!

Q4 2008 Market Commentary (Excerpt) February 17, 2009 S&P500 Index 816
Why bonds are not “safe” investments. “Keys” to long-term investment profitability.
The importance of strategy and a flexible and rapid response to market movements.

Q1 2009 Market Commentary (Excerpt) April 17, 2009 S&P500 Index 870
Market manipulation and how it affects the financial markets and YOU!

Q2 2009 Market Commentary (Excerpt) August 12, 2009 S&P500 Index 1005
The Federal Reserve "Cooks the Financial Books"

Q4 2009 Market Commentary (Excerpt) January 22, 2010 S&P500 Index 1091
How to invest in the NEW Financial Markets

Q1 2010 Market Commentary (Excerpt) April 10, 2010 S&P500 Index 1194
Leverage and Commodities Speculation - lessons NOT learned from the 2008-9 Market Crash

Q2 2010 Market Commentary (Excerpt) August 6, 2010 S&P500 Index 1121
Why is ACTIVE MANAGEMENT potentially CRITICAL to investment profits?

Q3 2010 Market Commentary (Excerpt) November 12, 2010 S&P500 Index 1199
How ACTIVE MANAGEMENT can potentially profit from the behavior of Institutional Investment Managers

Q4 2010 Market Commentary (Excerpt) February 4, 2011 S&P500 Index 1311
Speculation is rising and so is risk.  What should you do next?


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